Interestingly abstract.

IDEK, I put the me in lame.



Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always


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Me, when I flip tortillas. (via kiseichuu)

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I’m a dragon, fire cannot kill a dragon.



all yall keep callin katt williams crazy but he the only one been makin sense for a long damn time

why yall think katt was gettin arrested so much and “went crazy”? His stand-ups funny as fuck but if you stop laughing and listen he telling yall some secrets, PLENTY OF THEM, those people (you know who they are, in higher places) was like ok lil nigga you funny but now you saying a little TOO much let’s go head and shut him down, look at everybody like that who KNEW what the fuck was going on, prime example, Pac .

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i can’t believe….girl had sex…with someone before me……i can’t date…her……..:((((((( how dare she…….

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"We’ve all selected the wrong partners, all gotten hurt, and hopefully all moved on wiser for the experience. But there are those who, even in the face of constant disappointment, continue to believe that the intensity of their desire will be rewarded by an eventual jackpot of affection. And if that’s the slot machine you’re playing, friend, you’d better leave the casino ‘cause that one don’t pay out"
-Paul Dini

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (Feb. 1994)
Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini

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Some gothic goodness of my wife, millimob

A few BTS, photography stills from an upcoming video project I’m working on for Principe Cu!

I could wait to share these because, well… they are awesome and I’m feeling very gothic and moody, so boom!

I haven’t been posting a lot of work lately because I’ve been busy working and living this glorious life i’ve made for myself. TG!

Positive living and zen vibes.

Don’t just lurk, LOVE.

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